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Internet of Things 

As technology continues to change our lives, the need to adapt the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into investigations is shaping the future of law enforcement.  These devices integrate with other IoT devices and automate many functions today.  This is data that can be integral in your investigation.

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Dark Web

Is Fentanyl an issue in your jurisdiction? Has your agency experienced opioid overdoses? Have you discovered new drug dealers who have no ties to DTO's? This course walks you through examples of cases involving the dark web at the Federal, state, and local levels.

Social Media for LE

Criminals are providing evidence, witnesses are discovered, and unknown crimes are reported due to the power of social media. With numerous sites and tools to monitor social media, the ability to navigate through them is now a required skill. 

Crypto Currencies for LE

​Over $500,000 worth of Bitcoins are exchanged through Dark Markets a day! Do you know how digital currencies support criminal activities? Do you know what the blockchain is and how to analyze it? You can bridge that gap by registering for Crypto Currencies for law enforcement

Facebook for LE

The amount of personal data on Facebook that is available to law enforcement is immense. This crucial data can be instrumental to your investigation. Recent changes to Facebook have made traditional methods of searching for people unusable. Do you know how to gain access to this data?