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Vehicle Forensics

Analytic Solutions You Didn't Know You Needed

Most modern cars are equipped with an infotainment system.  This system includes communication, entertainment, telematics, and navigation systems.  These systems make driving easier and safer, such as providing hands free calling and texting.  These systems also collect a vast amount of data that could be useful to your investigation. 

This data includes;

  • Navigation Data

  • Connected Devices to include phones, USB drives, and SD cards in applicable vehicles

  • Contact lists from phones

  • Call logs

  • SMS messages

  • Media Files

  • Vehicle Event Data

    • Doors Open/Closing to include driver or passenger

    • Gear Shift

    • Parking lights

    • Headlights


This data can be used as evidence or fill critical intelligence gaps in your investigation.  Juliet Bravo Solutions is certified to acquire, analyze, and disseminate this data in multiple formats.  We provide a simplistic approach to enable anyone to understand the complex data these vehicles hold.

How can this data help you? 

The below example is a criminal case where phone records were purged by the phone company.  After acquiring the data from the suspects Ford Flex, we were able to identify the suspects phone by name, phone number, MAC address, and Bluetooth address.






The device also contained some of the missing phone records that were needed in the investigation.





























In addition, we acquired navigation tracks from the navigation equipped unit. The track routes provided vehicle speed and coincided with the door event data.






































Contact us today to see if we can acquire data from a vehicle for your investigation. 

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